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Five Must-Have Gadgets For Travelers

I’ve traveled around the world, attending conferences and events, capturing content and staying connected. Throughout those travels, I’ve had a chance to test countless gadgets and gizmos, to see how they perform ‘out in the field.’ I’ve also come to discover which gadgets I absolutely must have in my bag when I travel, and which […]

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Tracking Trip Destinations Across The U.S.

Every day, thousands of travelers trust TripCase with their trips across the U.S. and around the globe. We’re constantly tracking this data to improve our service for users, and moving forward, we’d like to share more of that with you. To start with, our product team spent a little bit of time capturing trip destination […]

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Preview Your Next Travel Destination With Drones

Travel has always had an air of uncertainty, especially when traveling to a place that you’ve never been before. With the advent of the Internet and digital photography, we were given additional insight into our travel destinations. However, photography isn’t always 100% accurate. We’ve all experienced being wooed by photos on a hotel’s website, only to discover they were taken when the location opened – 20 years ago. Today, a new website called TravelByDrone has been launched (if you’ll forgive the pun) to help.

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On the Move with Mobile Tech

This July, I had the great honor of speaking at OSCON 2013. In the Portland Convention Center I unveiled our engineering techniques for supporting non-English languages in TripCase. My plan? Share with the programming community hard-earned insights gained from R&D of our app.

If you’re curious to know more about our work on supporting foreign languages […]

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Inside View: The technology behind the new TripCase

Name: Rosauro Manansala

Goes by: Chito

Role: Director of the Mobile Development Team

Can you talk about the thought process development-wise behind the new TripCase?

The new TripCase gave us the opportunity to look at the best methods of developing a mobile app that would work across various platforms. Sharing as much code as possible across very diverse and […]

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How TripCase is Unique

We are always being asked the question: “What makes TripCase different from the other travel management apps out there?” At first glance, they all seem rather similar and they do have several common features. But TripCase is different; it is different in the way it is built and in the way it works during travel. So, in this post, we’ll be highlighting a few ways that TripCase is unique.

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