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#TravelTips from TripCase: Kelly’s Tips

Through Sabre’s University Recruiting program, we get the opportunity to bring in college students for our summer internship program, to not only discover and develop future leaders, but to allow college students the chance to learn about the travel industry and how we help people get to where they’re going around the world. This summer, […]

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#TravelTips from TripCase: Hannah’s Tips

As we work to build an awesome app and service like TripCase, we inevitably end up traveling the world, meeting with developers, partners, and travelers along the way. With all of this traveling, we quickly learn tips and tricks that help us travel smarter. This new series, dubbed Travel Tips from TripCase, will make it […]

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4 Steps To Beating Jet Lag

When it comes to long overseas flights, even with the best airline, they can be a drag. Unfortunately you can’t do much to make the flights shorter, but you can do a few things to help beat that jet lag!

1. Relax
If you’re flying while it is daylight in your destination, you may want to skip […]

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Top Tourist Scams to Avoid This Summer

The summer travel season is a great time to visit new places, and “do the tourist thing”. However, it’s also a great time to get scammed, if you’re not careful. Around the globe, crafty criminals have come up with ways of tricking you out of your money, or in some cases, outright scamming you. Just […]

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My Chaotic Life

The alarm goes off and it’s time to start the day.  It’s going to be a great day!  Looking at the family calendar I find myself relaxing.  Who would have ever thought that today of all days would be the first day in a long time where there was not anything planned on the home front? Shriek! The kids are up and about to interrupt what was once a moment of bliss – silence.  Let the day begin.


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Tips For An Easy Hotel Stay

For most travelers, living out of a suitcase becomes a way of life. However, there’s no reason you can’t make your hotel room feel a bit more comfortable. Here’s a few quick tips to make your stay more enjoyable.

Shower Steamer

We recommend unpacking as soon as you get in your room, to avoid wrinkly clothes. Since […]

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Holiday travel entertainment: Airport Bingo

It’s almost inevitable at some point during your travels this month you will experience an unusually long or otherwise painful delay at an airport. It could be the once-a-year family troupe is klutzily crossing the country or the weather just grounded 100 more planes. Either way, it’s possible you’ll have a little spare time on […]

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Introducing Travel Tips for Brilliant Trips

Why read about TripCase in the same old way, when you can enjoy pictures of helpful travel tips instead?
We’re offering you a new cheat sheet for traveling with TripCase. We think even if you don’t NEED help, there’s something in our tip for everyone.

What is this?
This graphic represents both some coveted personal travel items […]

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Taking the stress out of holiday travel

Airlines for America (A4A), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S. airlines, forecasts that nearly 24 million passengers will fly during the 2012 Thanksgiving holiday season.

That’s a lot of people in the sky and at the airport. Accordingly, during the busy holiday travel season A4A recommends passengers check their flight status, check-in with their […]

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Ever have one of those travel days when everything goes wrong?

You know the one. You drop your travel folder with all of your trip details and sheets of paper go flying. You can’t quite remember your gate assignment so you almost miss your flight. Thankfully your flight is delayed. By three hours. Ugh. That won’t work. You’ll miss your meeting. And the line to see […]

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