Trends happening in the travel industry

Windowless Airplanes Could Be The Future

As air travel continues to be more competitive, a windowless airplane concept from The Centre for Process Innovation might become a reality. The windowless airplane concept is rather ingenius, replacing the row of small porthole-sized windows along an airplane’s fuselage with an external-facing wide-angle camera and an internal display. The new design could increase […]

Your Smart Connected Suitcase Is Almost Here

Do you remember when your car was just a hunk of metal? Years ago, cars didn’t have onboard computers, GPS, or remote keyfobs. In the past decade or so, however, even the most entry-level car has all of these extras. Instead of slipping a metal key into your ignition, you simply push a button […]

Are You Ready For Customer Service Robots?

We’ve all been there – you take the red-eye flight home from a long business trip, and inevitably need help at the airport, but find everything is closed for the night. At the Indianapolis International Airport, they’re testing a solution for you – customer service robots. The new test features an iPad-on-a-segway type robot that’s […]

TripCase Coming To The Samsung Gear S

Wearables and smartwatches are all the craze these days, and we can see why. Being able to get quick information right on your wrist is definitely useful, especially when you’re rushing through the airport to catch your flight. As we launch into this industry, TripCase is proud to be among the first mobile apps to […]

Why Managers Should Continue To Code

If you are a manager in a software development company, there is a good chance that you are not coding anymore. A typical organization does not expect managers to be writing code and contributing to products that are released. This usually results in managers stepping away from coding and the details that go along with it.

But is this how it should be? Let me tell you my story. […]

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Airlines Adopt Smaller Carry-On Allowances

Recently, major airlines including American, Delta, and United have adopted new maximum dimensions for their carry-on baggage allowances. The industry standard used to be 22in x 15in x 9in, but those have recently shrunk, according to George Hobica, founder of Airfarewatchdog.


Tracking Trip Destinations Across The U.S.

Every day, thousands of travelers trust TripCase with their trips across the U.S. and around the globe. We’re constantly tracking this data to improve our service for users, and moving forward, we’d like to share more of that with you. To start with, our product team spent a little bit of time capturing trip […]

Preview Your Next Travel Destination With Drones


Travel has always had an air of uncertainty, especially when traveling to a place that you’ve never been before. With the advent of the Internet and digital photography, we were given additional insight into our travel destinations. However, photography isn’t always 100% accurate. We’ve all experienced being wooed by photos on a hotel’s website, only to discover they were taken when the location opened – 20 years ago. Today, a new website called TravelByDrone has been launched (if you’ll forgive the pun) to help.

Wanted: Local Event Information For All Cities In One Place

I am reluctantly writing this blog from Starbucks because all the homegrown coffee shops I generally prefer to work from: Mudsmith, Ascension, or Drip Coffee are all closed for Memorial Day. Whether I’m at home or traveling, I prefer homegrown establishments not only because I feel like I’m supporting the local economy, but because they generally offer me greater insight into the culture of a city. I’m not only referring to coffee shops, but also places like restaurants, bars, theaters, parks, and museums. I don’t just want their names and how many stars they are rated. I would also like to know what events are going on at these places from a week to week basis. This level of information is what would help me truly connect to a new city…and what typically takes me the most time researching as I plan for an upcoming trip. Is there a local artist opening that week at a gallery I’d be interested in? Are the Quaker City Nighthawks playing at such and such bar Saturday night? Is there a 5k I can join while I’m there? Is there a community market popping up that week near my hotel?

TripCase at the Big Ruby Conference

Recently members of the TripCase team attended the Big Ruby Conference here in Dallas. Ruby is a programming language, and it powers a good bit of the TripCase experience. This conference was a fantastic opportunity for us to meet and learn from other development teams that are using Ruby to power large apps and […]