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Understanding Road Warriors and Airlines

Occasionally there is an article written for our Sabre partners that is just too good to not share with our travelers as well. We will call this, “the other perspective”.

We spend a lot of time studying business travelers so we can understand and anticipate your needs. Within TripCase, the messages in the Tripfeed are a […]

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Traveling with TripCase: 2013 by the numbers

In wrapping up 2013, we took a look at TripCase by the numbers. We’ve had a little fun digging into what our trip data says about TripCase travelers. But first, we look at just the month of December.

While many of our travelers think in dates, others about their location; this month we have seen something […]

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Airports go big for the holidays

Ever stuck in an airport this time of year wandering around? Maybe you’ve even stumbled on some fun decorations. And then MAYBE you’ve wondered what other airports look like? We did. So we took to learning from the beautiful images travelers are sharing.
Travelers around the world are sharing photos of airports decked out for the […]

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Travelers can be a North Star

TripCase, as a part of Sabre, is doing its part to give human trafficking survivors a passport to freedom. We encourage our travelers to educate themselves, and find places to stay informed, like following our friends at Polaris Project.


Post by Polaris Project.

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Debunking The Myths Of TripCase User Testing

Recently I had the privilege of observing a usability study where research professionals took corporate travel managers through TripCase enhancements that our product team is developing. Did you know we have a team dedicated to building TripCase functionality that also makes life easier for travel agencies, corporations, airlines, hotels and other connected travel partners? When I observed, we […]

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Travel App Features Needed — Straight from the traveler’s mouth…

The TripCase Crew recently took to the airport to talk to real travelers. Set out on a mission to get opinions of what exactly is important to have in a travel app, we heard amazing feedback – from must-have features for today to wish lists of tomorrow. We take our research seriously, but it was […]

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Winter storm and travel: How to stay on top of things with TripCase

A major winter storm in the northeastern United States is having a major impact on travel plans. TripCase is here to help. We’ve compiled a few tips aimed at saving you time and reducing the worries that sometimes accompany a storm of this magnitude.

Right from your mobile device your can:

1. Keep friends and family informed […]

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Inside View: Behind the design of the new TripCase

Name: Jim Resnowski
Role: Principal UX Designer
Fave Hobby: Travel (check out his passport from 1980!)
TripCase was one of the first apps on the iPhone in 2007/2008. Not much had changed within TripCase since then so we definitely go in thinking we want to refresh things both visually and in terms of usability. Our goal from the […]

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Northeast Storm Update: List of airlines with links to latest storm-related info, updates

To help our travelers get through any flight cancellations and delays resulting from the storms now happening in the northeastern part of the United States, we’ve pulled together a list of airlines with links to important updates and carrier contact info. We’ve also included information for Amtrak.

Remember, before contacting the airline you can make re-booking […]

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Stay informed with TripCase during Superstorm Sandy

No doubt Superstorm Sandy has interrupted your travel plans. We’re here to help. We compiled a few tips aimed at saving you time and reducing the worries that accompany a storm of this magnitude.

Right from your mobile device TripCase can help:

1. Keep friends and family informed of your travel plans.

Open your trip in TripCase, […]

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