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Getting through Superstorm Sandy: Important airline updates, plus carrier contact info

To help our travelers get through the next few days of cancellations and delays resulting from Superstorm Sandy, we’ve pulled together a list of airlines with links to important airline updates and carrier contact info. We’ve also included information for Amtrak. Remember, before contacting the airline you can make re-booking easier by searching for alternate […]

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The Higher Cost of Holiday Travel in 2010

TripCase, the mobile application that improves the travel experience for users, created 8 fun holiday travel scenarios and then, with the help of data from Sabre Travel Network, tested each to see if the cost had increased or decreased this year (2010) as compared to last year (2009).

For this research, TripCase looked at all the […]

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Where Did We Fly on Our Summer Vacations?

Putting a new spin on the old first day of school assignment, TripCase, the mobile travel management application, analyzed where Americans flew for their vacations this summer. The review found that we escaped to the Northern half of the country to cool off and played near beaches on both coasts, but mostly stayed within the […]

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iPhone UX Challenges and Preferences

When I found out I was going to have the opportunity to design an iPhone application, I jumped at the chance. While I’ve designed mobile phone applications, they were browser-based (which was a unique challenge of its own) .
The challenge of the iPhone application was primarily to get myself into a completely new mode […]

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Why the iPhone?

Others writers here have mentioned that TripCase reflects our belief that TripCase can make travel better. That there is information and technology that travelers need on the road today, and isn’t.

But TripCase started out as just a concept, that we could make travel better. But the question quickly became “How?”.

The first answer is […]

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