Everyone needs a wingman: to support you, to remove obstacles, and to always have your back. Travel Arrangers, you are no exception. So let TripCase be your trusty wingman to help you out along the way.

We know that when you’re piloting your traveler’s trips you can hit some turbulence along the way: from schedule changes and flight disruptions to weather delays and unexpected local events. But with TripCase as your wingman, you’ll be ready to steer clear of those bumps for smooth sailing.

With TripCase’s new Following capabilities you can:

  • Provide unbeatable service, no matter where you are: Whether you are steering from your desk or from a mobile device, TripCase has made it easy to instantly access your traveler’s trip details to accommodate for last-minute changes.
  • Keep up with the latest updates: Stay on top of their traveler’s whereabouts with the very latest itinerary details reflected in your own TripCase account.
  • Manage your traveler’s calendar: Corporate Travel Arrangers or travel agents who want to provide that high-touch level of service will have the ability to easily add their traveler’s trip items to their own calendar. Each item is clearly labeled with the traveler’s name!

Here’s a quick video to help show you how: