The options in men’s dress shoes right now are more plentiful than ever before. If you are smart about the few options that you buy, you can travel well in style in no time flat.

The Case for Traveling with Comfortable Dress Shoes

  • It used to be that men were regulated to only 2 options, a basic dress shoe which was uncomfortable, and a tennis shoe. Now the styles have changed, and more high-end designers are making comfortable dress shoes that are a breeze for travel.
  • Many dress shoes slip on and off easily to cut down on time going through the security line.
  • You can wear one pair when you are traveling if you buy a pair that is geared towards comfort, so only one pair has to go in your carry-on luggage.
  • While they are comfortable, you might not want to be the guy that wear flip flops when he travels. For one, you never know who you are going to run into on the flight, and second, it’s a safety hazard to have exposed toes on a plane.
  • You can be the gentleman with solid footwear if an emergency occurs. You’ll have much better footing in enclosed shoes to assist anyone that needs help, or run if you need to make a late layover between flights.

Here are some excellent travel-worthy shoes that will have you stylish and put together perfectly on any business trip:

The Dress Loafer

penny-loaferA classic choice that doesn’t ever go out of style. The dress loafer is one of the best choices to have in a dark brown color. It goes well with any navy or tan suit, looks classy with khakis and can even dress up a dark pair of jeans.

Tod’s “Quinn” Penny Loafer in dark brown is a sleek moccasin style loafer with Tod’s signature rubber sole that is pebbled for extreme comfort. It’s almost like getting a foot massage when you wear a pair of these excellent quality shoes. Each pair is hand cut, sewn, and put together in Italy for craftsmanship that is second to none. This is the pair to wear on the plane with some chinos, and a nice button down shirt.

The Dress Oxford

oxford-shoeThis is a more formal shoe with laces. Make sure they have at least 6 eyelets and a cap toe otherwise known as the “balmoral” shoe. This is the choice for your dressiest suits and sport coats.

Choose this pair in black because it will go with all your darker grey, black, and pinstripe suits. Allen Edmonds “Park Avenue” Dress Oxford is made of a single oak leather sole, custom lining, and has extra padding for additional comfort. This shoe is a classic that will never go out of style, and will last you for years to come.

The Dress Slip On

This is a more modern style shoe that maybe be a more suitable choice if you aren’t a fan of laces or loafers. It slips on easily so that you can get dressed in a flash. This is a pair of shoes that you want designed for maximum comfort and style.

Slip On Dress ShoesEither black or dark brown is fine with this pair, plus you can experiment with texture as well. Go with suede for an added element of luxury. Mephisto “Baduard” Slip On in a dark brown suede style is known for comfort and ease of wear. They even have a shock absorbent sole so that you can have some extra protection against sore feet while wearing them all day. Another smart choice to wear on the plane with khaki’s, dark jeans, or flat front pants. You’ll look stylish with any of these choices on a business trip.

When you’re ready to pack, pick two pairs to bring with you out of the following style options, one in black and one in dark brown should suffice. Any more than two pairs and you risk carrying more than one bag on your trip.

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