You know the Thanksgiving drill. Stuff a turkey, eat until your pants no longer fit, watch football, eat again, watch more football, plan your Black Friday shopping strategy, eat a third piece of Paula Deen’s pumpkin pie (don’t worry there’s only ½ a stick of butter in it), eat a turkey sammy, pass out in a tryptophan stupor. Add Thanksgiving travel to the gravy and oy vey. Wake me up when it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

The good news is, the Air Transport Association’s annual Thanksgiving travel forecast predicts 37,000 fewer passengers per day — about a 2 percent drop over the holiday period compared with last year. The bad news: the flights are going to be as full as that stuffed turkey you’re planning to eat.

But here at TripCase, we say have no fear. Embrace your inner holiday traveler and just go for it. Head home for the holidays. We’re here for you no matter where you go or how or what you celebrate this season. Be confident knowing that TripCase has your back every step of the way.

How so, you ask? Curl up here by the fire and let us tell you a story about a holiday traveler we’ll call Pumpkin.

It all begins a Thanksgiving morning, not so long ago. Pumpkin was going to be traveling from LA to San Francisco and then renting a car and driving to San Jose to visit her parents. Like a good traveler, she had imported all of her trip information into TripCase. She knew she was covered, but couldn’t help but worry after hearing so much negative holiday travel buzz. Her mind was plagued with questions.

How is traffic on the way to LAX? Any pitfalls I should be aware of?

What is my gate number once I get to the airport?

I’ve landed in San Fran, now what is my baggage claim number?

I’ve rented a car, what is my rental confirmation number?

Now, how do I find my way to San Jose by car?

I wonder if I can catch a red eye back to LA after Thanksgiving dinner? What are my alternate flight options?

Thanks to TripCase, Pumpkin took a different route to the airport and averted a five-car pile-up, went straight to her gate and landed in San Fran armed with her baggage claim and car rental details. No thanks to Burt Bacharach, she found her way to and from San Jose, caught a red eye (and a few zzz’s on the plane) and arrived back home one happy traveler.

Not only did TripCase provide Pumpkin with the answers she was looking for while on the road, best of all, she was able to access the answers right on her smartphone, conveniently located in the palm of her hand.

Have you been to San Jose? Where are you and your TripCase traveling this Thanksgiving?