Traveling as a family can bring an amazing amount of joy. Creating lasting family memories and seeing the wonder in the eyes of you children are only two of the numerous ways family travel is an experience worth the time and effort.

Those who have traveled with kids know, though, that there is also a certain amount of planning and, well, patience required to make the most of the family trips.

In addition to the various entertainment preoccupations and special kid gear that improve travel for the family, travel planning and management apps like TripCase can also play a small but meaningful role in making travel more engaging and rewarding for the entire family. Here’s how:

Give older kids a job. For older kids, those with Internet access and/or a smartphone, give them the job of importing the trip information into TripCase and being on point for keeping travel details straight. Also let them be responsible for checking the TripCase messaging during the trip so they can help the family stay on top of potential pitfalls or opportunities while you are traveling. This will give the older kids a sense of ownership in the trip from the beginning. It can also help build anticipation of the trip prior to departure and engagement in the trip while traveling.

Let younger kids “see” the trip. Both before the trip and during, you can use TripCase to share relevant location and travel details with younger children and allow them to better visualize your travels. Better yet, you can do it all from one app. Once your trip is in TripCase, with a single click for each you can:

  • Go over the itinerary and set their expectations for each leg or stop
  • Look at the weather for every stop in your itinerary
  • View your seat maps so you can see where you will be sitting on the flight (and let the kids pick their own seats ahead of time)
  • If your travel is International, you can use the TripCase Converter tool to show how currency, weights and measures are converted for the country you will be visiting
  • See on a map where itinerary stops and location are in relation to each other

Share trip details with other family members. For those family members not traveling with you, you can set them to receive your full itinerary, including any changes to the itinerary and all of the same travel notifications you would receive, so they can follow your travels from home.

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