Why read about TripCase in the same old way, when you can enjoy pictures of helpful travel tips instead?

We’re offering you a new cheat sheet for traveling with TripCase. We think even if you don’t NEED help, there’s something in our tip for everyone.

Travel Tips No. 8Travel Tip No. 15, using alternate flights

What is this?
This graphic represents both some coveted personal travel items and a way to get a little more out of TripCase on your next trip.

Our roots run deep in travel and technology and we thought we’d start sharing our expertise with you all. We will be regularly interviewing crew members and organizing their tips into a sheet like this.

You’re welcome to share with others who maybe aren’t so fortunate to have someone looking out for them like you. (That’s right. This is like that time your big bro gave you his lucky glove to catch the winning fly ball). It’s practically your job to pass it on and help others be as brilliant a traveler as you.

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