One of the features that we hear you tell us you love the most about TripCase is our trip notifications. Whether you receive the alert via email, on your iPhone or Android phone, or even on your smartwatch, TripCase’s FREE  trip notifications can save you from missing your flight, or even let you know that you have a bit more time to get to the airport.

  • Flight Notifications

    The notifications that our travelers rely on the most are clearly our flight notifications. There are actually a variety of reasons that you might get an update regarding your flight. Usually, this is either to let you know that your flight is on time, which we send a few hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. If your flight is delayed or the gate changes, we send a push notification. We’ll also let you know if your flight is cancelled altogether, though we don’t see this one as often, since airlines are getting better about cancelling flights.

  • Trip Notifications

    We’ll also send you a couple of alerts regarding your trip. Typically, the first one is sent when your trip is imported. There are a number of ways for you to import your trip. You’ll also get a trip reminder about 24 hours before your trip is scheduled to start, just in case you hadn’t started packing yet.

There are a handful of other notifications that might be more specific to your trip, but these are the ones we send most often.

What other types of trip notifications would you want to get from TripCase?