If you’re an Android user, it’s likely that you’ve seen different apps request permission to do different things on your phone. These permissions allow apps like TripCase to interact with your device and give you more options to manage your trips. Google controls the names of these permissions, and sometimes the name doesn’t exactly reflect how we use them. Below is a list of the TripCase Android permissions that we request, and exactly what we do with them.

We realize that some of them can sound a little bit scary, especially if you don’t know why the app needs them, so we want to be upfront and give you examples about how those permissions translate into great features that help you travel smarter with TripCase. If you want to see the full list of permissions, you can check in your phone’s Application Manager or on the Google Play Store by clicking View details under Permissions.

TripCase Android Permissions


Read your contacts/Modify your contacts TripCase accesses your contacts only when you use the Share feature to help you quickly add email addresses, or when you choose to import specific contacts from your phone. We do not store your contacts on our servers unless you explicitly choose to save a contact. We also do not send anything to your contacts without you taking an action to share your trip.

Find accounts on the device This permission is also used to access your contacts only when you want to share a trip. As above, we don’t store your contacts on our servers unless you explicitly choose to save a contact in your TripCase account, nor do we send them anything without you taking an action to share your trip.

Approximate location (network-based)/Precise location (GPS and network-based) TripCase accesses your location when you are searching for an item to add close to your current location (including using the “Remember this Place” function), when you ask for directions from your current location, or when you request a quote for an Uber ride from your current location to a destination. We don’t store or track your location for any other purpose.

Receive data from Internet/Full network access We need Internet access to get the latest details about your trip, and to sync with our servers when you add new items.
View network connections With this permission we can save information for offline access, and detect when you’re offline to adapt our app accordingly.
Control vibration Push notifications want to vibrate when you have the sound off, so we need this permission to deliver them successfully in every case.
Prevent phone from sleeping Also used for push notifications, this allows us to wake your device to receive the notification.


That’s it. You can also view our full Privacy Policy. We’ll continue to update this post if we ever need to request new permissions.