Slide out menus are gaining popularity in apps for small screens. You’ve seen them in lots of places. Facebook has one. Gmail and Foursquare do, too. And, of course, TripCase has been sporting ours since last year.

These menus are a great way to access a lot of functionality, but all of those items in the menu below your app can sometime seem disorganized. That’s probably why these types of menus have earned the nickname “basement menus”.

TripCase new side menu
TripCase is a great place to store *all* of the details about your trip from flight details to car rental locations to notes about who is picking you up at the airport. With all of the information you can store in TripCase, it’s important to keep it organized. So we rolled up our sleeves and spent some time in the basement rearranging, cleaning up and moving things around. We hope you’ll find things easier to find with less scrolling.

Download TripCase 3.0.4 and let us know what you think.