The color green has many meanings.

It’s often thought of as the color of nature, symbolizing growth, harmony, freshness and fertility.

Green is also a favorite color in a package of M&M’s.

Green equates to all things eco-friendly.

And it’s also the color of Saint Patrick’s Day and the beer that’s often associated with this Irish holiday in the United States.

Since ‘tis the season of all things green – spring, Saint Patrick’s Day and green M&M’s (when isn’t it a good time for those?), we thought it’d be appropriate to announce that we’re now recognizing Eco-Certified Hotels within TripCase.

An Eco-Certified Hotel is an environmentally-conscious property that has gone through a rigorous audit, aligning itself with the standards and criteria of the Global Sustainable Travel Council. By doing so, a hotel ensures it is providing its guests with responsible and sustainable green living practices.

We’ll let you know if the hotel you’re staying at (or thinking about staying at) has this designation in the general hotel information we share within TripCase in the hotel’s amenities listing.

You’ll also see this information in the TripCase Message Stream as a reminder that you’re staying at an official Eco-Certified Hotel.

At TripCase, we take being green seriously and know our users do too. That’s why we’re proud to share Eco-Certified Hotel designation information within TripCase. We want you to travel easier knowing you’re staying someplace that is as committed to being environmentally responsible as you.