Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve taken TripCase out on the road for a spin. Or, maybe it’s your first time. Either way, we’re excited to tell you about all of the tools and features designed to help take the stress out of your travels. With TripCase, you’ll be:

  1. Organized. No more scrambling for confirmation numbers or hotel addresses. All your trip details are organized in one place, just a click away.
  2. Informed. Stay in the know about your trip with updates and critical flight alerts delivered right to your phone. Plus, trip-saving tips and tools when you need them everystep of the way.
  3. Everywhere. Access your trip information anytime, anyplace. On your computer. On your phone. At home. On the road. TripCase is everywhere you are.

All your details, all in one place

TripCase is a trip management tool that organizes your trip information – flight, car, hotel, dinner reservations, ferries, you name it – all in one place, right on your mobile device or computer, so you can access the details whenever and wherever you need them.

You can add any event, function, meal or meeting you like to TripCase. As a matter of fact, the more you add the more informed you’ll be. And don’t forget, you can include both business and leisure activities in the same trip.

Plus, you’ll love how easy it is to get started. Simply add a trip and voila, you’re on the road to less stressful travel.

Adding a trip and trip details is easier than ever before

Just email your confirmation emails (flight, hotel, dinner reservations, etc.) to and we’ll put the info into TripCase for you within minutes.

And voila, you can then access all of your trip details on your mobile device or computer in TripCase anytime and anyplace you need it.

Stay in the know with TripCase

Even better than staying organized, you won’t be caught off guard by gate changes, flight delays or cancellations. That’s because TripCase starts monitoring your flight 48 hours before departure. If there are any changes, we’ll notify you pronto via the TripCase Message Stream, email or push notifications.

With TripCase, flight alerts are always free.

And perhaps best of all, TripCase is the only tool of its kind to provide flight alerts like gate
changes, delays and cancellations free of charge.

My flight’s cancelled. Now what? TripCase Tools to the rescue.

TripCase comes with a variety of travel tools designed to help you navigate the pitfalls of travel and solve issues big and small. Based on your itinerary and location, TripCase Tools provide the answers and solutions you need, all in the click of a button or two. Below are just a few examples of our intuitive travel tools in action.

  • Flight delayed but you need to get home by 6 o’clock to make your son’s baseball game? No problem. Open the Alternate Flights tool and TripCase will easily locate similar flights based on your current flight info – either on the same carrier or a different one.
  • Tough day of meetings and you want to treat yourself by upgrading to First Class? Check out what’s available using the Seat Maps tool. Relying on your itinerary, TripCase automatically knows what flight you’re on and can show you what’s available – both premium and otherwise.
  • Need driving directions to dinner and don’t remember the address? Based on your location and itinerary, the Driving Directions tool can map directions between items in your trip. No more searching for addresses or using multiple apps to map where you’re going.
  • I’m arriving late, how do I reach my hotel so they don’t give my room away? TripCase provides addresses and telephone numbers for your flight, hotel, car rental and other items in your itinerary. If you add confirmation numbers, we’ll send you reminders as your hotel check-in and car pick-up approach. TripCase also provides pictures and amenities listings of your hotel.
  • Do I need to bring a coat for my business trip tomorrow to NYC ? Click on the TripCase Weather tool to see what the temps will be like in the Big Apple during your stay. No need to use other apps or type anything in. The info is right there in the click of a button on TripCase.

Keep colleagues, friends and family informed of your travel plans

Friends, family and colleagues may need some or all of your travel plans. Flight arrival and departure updates, airport parking, gate assignments/re-assignments and baggage claim details can all easily be shared through TripCase Connections. To begin sharing your travel
updates, add the email address of a loved one or co-worker to your Connections list at

TripCase is everywhere you are

Access your trip information anytime, anyplace. On your computer. On your phone. At home. On the road. Even in flight. Simply put the app in airplane mode before take-off to view, edit, make notes and review alerts and messages offline while you’re in the air.

So what are you waiting for?

No one likes to be stressed out when you’re traveling. So, let TripCase help make your life a little easier on the road. Give TripCase a try, today.