Given that we build one of the best travel apps in the world, it makes sense that our team travels extensively, as well. As we jet-set around the world, the TripCase team has had a chance to explore different cities, and we’ve discovered some awesome restaurants along the way. I asked some of the team to look into their past trips and share their favorite restaurants, and here’s the list:

1. Sunny Side Up & Coffee Shop – Chicago, IL

TripCase Recommends: Sunny Side Up Cafe

I’ll start with my own. I discovered Sunny Side Up Cafe in Chicago, IL, when I was there for Lollapalooza a few years ago, simply walking by one day. I made a note to go back for breakfast, and took a chance on the stuffed french toast. I then proceeded to break one of my own travel rules (never eat at the same restaurant twice on one trip) because that stuffed french toast basically changed my life. You won’t regret it.

2. Rose. Rabbit. Lie. – Las Vegas, NV

Recommended by Sara Leu, TripCase Partner Marketing, Rose.Rabbit. Lie. is located in the Cosmopolitan, and Sara recommends the Mediterranean pizza. The “loungy” atmosphere and various entertainment throughout the evening make this quite a unique dining experience.

3. Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop – San Francisco, CA

TripCase Recommends: Ghirardelli

Pallavi Pillarisetty, QA Automation Engineer at TripCase, stopped by here for a banana split on the recommendation of a friend. If you’re a chocolate nut, this is a must-stop destination in San Francisco anyways, so you might as well sit down for a delicious dessert while you’re here.

4. Gaira Cafe – Bogota, Colombia

Kristin Jarmon, TripCase Partner Marketing, was introduced to Gaira Cafe by some locals while visiting Bogota recently, and fell in love with the place. It’s owned by a famous Colombian singer and his brother, serving real Colombian food. Kristin’s suggestion is to start with the plantain and coconut lemonade, then move straight on to the steak and coconut rice, with coconut pie for dessert. Clearly, you should probably be OK with coconuts before dropping by Gaira Cafe.

5. Scalinatella – New York, NY

TripCase Recommends: Scalinatella

When a local New Yorker pitched Scalinatella as “the best” Italian food in New York, Kristine Peacock, TripCase Director of Partner Marketing was sold. She recommends the Chilean Sea Bass, along with the locally-sourced fruits and vegetables. The restaurant is both classy and comfortable, with amazing service and atmosphere.

6. The Meat Company – Johannesburg, South Africa

Luis Lopez, TripCase Senior Product Support was on a business trip and ended up in a hotel near The Meat Company in Johannesburg, and decided to give it a try. The filet mignon, expectedly, was amazing, but it was the restaurant’s beautiful decor and exceptional service that landed this one high on Luis’ list of favorites.

7. Bianca – Krakow, Poland

TripCase Recommends: Bianca

On a trip to our Poland office, Ben Newell, TripCase VP of Product quite literally stumbled across Bianca, just off the main square in Krakow. Their wonderful Italian food, relaxed service, great wine, and good dessert won him over pretty quickly. Don’t skip the Gnocci, it’ll change your life, according to Ben.

8. Konfederacka 4 – Krakow, Poland

Located in an old brick building, the restaurant is half coffee shop/bar and half open kitchen restaurant. Vance Weintraub, TripCase Senior Product Manager, saw it had high ratings on Foursquare and gave it a shot. You can see the chef making each entree from your seat and see a variety of locals around; from students to professionals having a quiet dinner or a big celebration with friends. When Vance was there last, a group of friends had reserved half the space to gather and look at a slide show of their friends’ hike across the Himalayas. The food was phenomenal and the experience really couldn’t have been any better. Vance recommends the Polędwiczka wieprzowa w smakach kuchni japońskiej, but you could really just point to anything on the menu and it’ll be delicious.

9. The Waffle Window – Portland, OR

TripCase Recommends: Waffle Window

Natasha Sanchez, TripCase Strategic Marketing Manager, recently discovered The Waffle Window on a trip to Oregon. She and her husband ordered their waffles from a window off the street corner and then proceeded to the restaurant next door to find a table set aside for “The Waffle Window” customers. Her husband picked the classic waffle with strawberries and whipped cream, but Natasha recommends the waffle topped with bacon, brie, basil, and apricot.

What’s your favorite restaurant to recommend?