We love getting feedback.

Whether it is positive or negative, constructive or venting, sent directly to us by email or posted on the web, we love reading feedback from TripCase users. We read all feedback that comes to us and also all the feedback that we can find online. And, we frequently discuss among the TripCase team how we can use that feedback to make TripCase even better.

It always makes us especially smile to hear examples of how our travel application has really helped a traveler in need. So today we would like to share a few times where TripCase has, as one user so eloquently put it, “saved my bacon.”

Upon hearing the flight attendant’s list of connecting gate info before landing, I dutifully wrote down my next gate number. But while taxiing in, I turned on my Blackberry and checked Trip Case. It had a different gate for my next flight. I took the Trip Case data and headed in the opposite direction from the flight attendant’s guidance until I saw my first departing flight monitor in the terminal. It confirmed what Trip Case had indicated and shaved at least 10 minutes of walking and tram riding to my next gate. I quietly thanked Trip Case for the extra time as I needed a coffee and bathroom break on that layover. – Email sent to TripCase

TripCase totally saved my bacon on a gate change in Quito, Ecuador. Had a midnight flight, and never heard the gate change announcement. Lucky for me, TripCase notified me and I caught the flight. – Review posted on iTunes

Today the airline canceled my flight but never notified me. I received both your text and email alert and promptly called the airline to make alternate arrangements. With the flights so full, I was lucky to get on another routing tomorrow and will make my meeting on Tuesday. – Email sent to TripCase

This app is amazing. It notified me the second I turned my phone on that my connection had been canceled, then it went a step further to show alternate flights along with their availability! The airline had me booked the next day and because of this app I was able to ask for a flight that got me home that evening. – Review posted on iTunes