If you’re like most travelers, you sometimes book trip elements through multiple sources for a single trip. For instance, for your family vacation to Disney World over spring break you went through a Sabre-connected travel agency to book your lodging. However, you booked your flight through your favorite airline’s website.

Like usual, you then imported all your trip details into TripCase. For the lodging you entered the 6-letter confirmation code you received from your travel agent and your hotel information was automatically uploaded. For your flight details, you sent the flight confirmation email you received from the airline to trips@tripcase.com and TripCase handled importing your flight information for you. And voila, all of your itinerary items were uploaded into TripCase.

However, when you looked under “My Trips” on TripCase, all of the information you’ve uploaded appeared as separate trips. You want to combine the items into one trip though. So how do you do that?

Not to worry, it’s an easy fix. When trip elements booked through two or more sources appear as separate trips within TripCase, follow these simple instructions:

  • Click on the gray “Manage Trips” button on the Trips page
  • Check the boxes of the “trips” you wish to combine
  • At the top of the screen click the “Combine” button
  • In the Confirm and Continue window, rename your “new” trip, click Combine and all of your trip elements are in one place under one trip.

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