For our inaugural TripCase Spotlight, we’ll dive into the always helpful but somewhat misunderstood tool: Seat Maps.

So why are Seat Maps helpful? Imagine the following scenario…

Last month you booked a flight to Florida to visit family for spring vacation. You selected your seat when you booked your flight, but it seemed to be a full flight at the time so the only seat open was in the very last row of the plane. You’d obviously prefer a different seat if you could get one.

Because travelers are always changing flights or letting flights on hold expire, better seats often become available. In this case, if the weather is questionable in Florida, vacationers will switch to a different location.

But because you are visiting Florida to see family, you’re still on board for a trip to Florida regardless of the weather. So you spring into action to check on seats.

Because TripCase knows your entire itinerary, TripCase offers alternate seat options based on your current flight info with a few simple clicks. Here’s how: open your trip and click on Tools/Seat Maps. The Seat Map tool quickly provides a map that identifies your current assigned seat, seats that are taken, seats that are open and undesirable seats.

Fortunately, because so many seats were vacated by other spring vacationers, you have numerous seat options from which to choose. You jump on it by going online and making a new seat selection directly with the airline or your travel agency.

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