At TripCase, our main goal is to make your travel life easier. And we know that if you’re like most people, you rely on your calendar to keep up with your busy life. That’s why we’ve made syncing calendars easy by importing your trip details from TripCase into your online email/calendar clients like iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook.

There are two ways to import your trip details from TripCase into your online calendars: 1) via live subscription and 2) one-time file import. To access both options, go to in a web browser and click on the Settings tab at the top of the page. Then click on the Calendar tab.

Subscription Feeddesktop-subscription-management-MAY15

For online calendars and other calendars that can access the internet (like iCal or Outlook), the best option is to set up a TripCase calendar subscription. To create a subscription feed, simply click on the “click here” link that appears on the Calendar tab page under the “Subscription Feed” heading. Or, copy and paste the URL that’s provided in the same section into a web browser, hit Enter, and then follow the prompts.

With a subscription feed, you create a separate calendar that appears as :TripCase within your existing online calendar. And, if your online calendar is linked to your iPhone, the :TripCase calendar will automatically appear within your iPhone’s calendar feed.

The best part about having a TripCase subscription feed is that every time your calendar accesses the Internet, it will check the URL to see if there are any changes to your itineraries since you last connected. This will keep your calendar synced with any updates to your itinerary within TripCase.

Accessing the subscription feed with something besides iCal

The subscription feed option works best with iCal integration. However, if you use Gmail or another email/calendar client, you might try getting the subscription feed started on your phone like this: copy the link into an email and send it to yourself. Click on the link within your email and follow the prompts. The feed should then appear within your calendar.

Allowing others access to your TripCase details via subscription

If you want to share your TripCase information with someone else’s calendar, you can send that person the same URL and they too will have a subscription to your TripCase itineraries. At any point, you can change the URL (to stop others you’ve given the URL to from seeing your information on their calendars) or stop the TripCase calendar feed altogether.

One-Time File Importdesktop-cal-management-MAY15

If your calendar doesn’t connect to the Internet or you don’t want a live connection with your travel information, you can do a one-time download of all of your TripCase travel information and import it into your calendar. Please note, a separate :TripCase calendar tab is not created with this method, rather all TripCase information will appear directly in your existing calendar.

However, if you add or change anything on your trips, the information will not be automatically updated and you will need to re-download the file and import it again (or just manually make the change on your calendar if it is an easy change).

To import TripCase into your existing calendar, follow these steps:

  1. On the calendar page, go to the “Without a Subscription” section.
  2. Click on “download this file”
  3. Click the “save the file” option
  4. Within your existing calendar, select File > Import, browse for the .ics file you just saved and click “import”

Your TripCase information will instantly appear within your existing online and iPhone calendars (if they are already linked).