So, you might be wondering, what exactly separates TripCase from the rest of the travel app pack? We’re glad you asked.

It’s TripCase Connect, our proprietary messaging platform that allows travel agencies, corporate travel managers and service providers (hotels and airlines, for example) the ability to send targeted messages to travelers and influence their behavior while on the road.

How it works

Because TripCase Connect is an itinerary-based communications tool, messages can be highly customized based on a traveler’s trip details like destination, hotel, airline, transportation, etc. As example, say DFW Airport is offering half-price parking inside terminal D on Friday, April 13. The airport can send a message to all TripCase travelers flying out of Terminal D that day. The message can be further targeted and sent only to those flying out between 9 a.m. and 12 noon.

Travel agencies on the other hand, might use TripCase Connect to reach their clients with important security information. For example, a travel agency could send a destination-based message about a new security policy inside Charles de Gaulle Airport to clients flying in and out of Paris today.

Corporate travel managers often send messages focused on company travel policies, ensuring their clients are within policy, reminding them about preferred vendors and money-saving tips based on their location, destination and in-trip events like meals, meetings and transportation.

Endless possibilities

In reality, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the types of messages you can send through TripCase Connect. But here are a few more ideas of things service providers and travel managers can communicate through TripCase Connect:

  • A message reminding travelers of a company’s new reimbursement policy of not covering in-flight WiFi or hotel gym fees
  • A message telling a traveler to remember to decline rental insurance from a particular preferred vendor
  • Alerting a traveler how to inform the security team of a hotel reservation when it’s outside of a company’s program
  • A reminder from a hotel partner about the free shuttle they offer, or information about late check-out

Duty of Care for corporate travel managers

While housekeeping and operational trigger messages are definitely a bonus, ensuring the safety of travelers is the number one priority for corporate travel managers. As such, TripCase provides the ability for travel managers to create messages when safety issues arise.

For instance, say there is an unexpected and potentially dangerous situation taking place where you have travelers on the ground. Based on their locations within TripCase, you can send all of those travelers a message that alerts them to check-in with the agency immediately. You can include a specific link or a phone number within the alert.

Three ways to get the message out

TripCase sends messages based on device type via:

Push message (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

  1. TripCase Message Stream located inside the TripCase app or mobile web version. Open TripCase and messages appear on the main TripCase home screen.

Best of all, TripCase messaging works with all smartphones. So, no matter what type of device a traveler might have, he’ll stay connected with his travel arranger/agency every step of the way.

We love to hear from TripCase users. As a matter of fact, TripCase Spotlight is based entirely upon user feedback. You decide what gets highlighted. Are there any TripCase tools or features you’d like to see discussed? Do you have any burning questions you’d like answered? If you can’t wait for the next blog, remember you can always visit us at for more information about any of our tools and services.