If you booked your trip through a Sabre-connected travel partner such as a travel agency or corporate travel provider, your trip information should automatically update when changes occur.

However, if you know something has changed in your trip but don’t see it reflected within TripCase, you should manually refresh your trip to make sure it gets updated.

How do I manually refresh a trip I’ve booked though a Sabre-connected partner?

Go to TripCase on your mobile device or TripCase.com. Click on My Trips and select the trip you want to refresh. Next, go to Manage My Trip, Add/Edit then scroll down to Imported Events to and click on Update my imported details to force the update.

When should I refresh a trip?

You should refresh a trip whenever you want to view the most up-to-date info about your trip. However, it’s especially important to refresh your trip within TripCase before you leave for the airport so you have access to your most updated itinerary. Note: TripCase generally refreshes trip details once nightly on behalf of travelers.