We’re excited to let you know that our latest v3.3.7 release is now available on iTunes and Google Play! The full v3.3.7 release changelog is available below and includes some exciting new features:

v3.3.7 Release Changelog


TripCase v3.3.7 Release Changelog

  • Push Notifications for Android – users with an Android-powered device will now get FREE push notifications throughout their trip, including flight delays, gate changes, and other important information. (Note: we’ll need a new permission in order to deliver them, so you may need to manually approve the update)
  • Smartwatch Support – with this release, we’re also including support for trip notifications across most smartwatches, including the Samsung Gear S, Android Wear, and Pebble. TripCase is among the first travel-related apps to fully support smartwatches, and you can find out more about this feature on our smartwatch travel app blog post.
  • Deeper Foursquare Integration – you’ll now be able to search for locations by name and we’ll use Foursquare’s massive database to automatically fill in the address and phone number, when available. This will make it much easier to add restaurants and other activities to your trip, especially internationally.
  • Updated Default Times – based on user feedback, when you add a generic item (restaurant, activity, etc) or when you use the Remember This Place feature, the default duration is now 2 hours, instead of 12.
  • Uber New User Offer – added messaging to the Uber page to highlight the offer for new users to get their first ride free, up to $30 USD (discount varies by country). Learn more about our Uber integration.
  • Squashed some pesky bugs – Hasta la vista, baby!

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