We’re excited to let you know that our latest v3.4.1 release is now available on iTunes and Google Play! The full v3.4.1 release changelog is available below and includes some exciting new features:

TripCase v3.4.1 Release Changelog

  • Enhanced Add Item/Remember This Place functionality – we added Remember This Place nearly 6 months ago, and the response has been amazing! With this release, we’ve added the ability to add a trip item for past dates. This way, if you forget to add an awesome restaurant or some other trip item, you can do it the next day from within the app.
  • New Desktop Sign-In Page – we’ve improved our desktop sign-in page to make it a better experience.
  • Android Native Facebook Authentication – Android users who have chosen to login to Facebook from their smartphone will now be able to sign up or sign in from the mobile app, taking advantage of the native authentication on the device. You’ll no longer be required to enter your email and password into a Facebook screen through the browser. Note: we added this for iOS devices in v3.4 previously
  • Security: Limit Login Attempts – to better secure your TripCase account, after you’ve entered an incorrect password 10 times, you’ll be temporarily locked out of your account. Resetting your password will immediately unlock your account.
  • Added a turbocharger – performed a handful of technical enhancements design to make TripCase start and run even faster than it already did.
  • Stomped some bugs – BE GONE!

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