We’re excited to let you know that our latest v3.4 release will soon be available on iTunes and Google Play! The full v3.4 release changelog is available below and includes some exciting new features:

TripCase v3.4 Release Changelog

  • Tablet Support – By popular demand, TripCase is now optimized for viewing on tablets and other larger screen sizes, such as the iPhone 6 Plus or the Galaxy Note 4. Action view cards will no longer be stretched across the screen, and you may see more than one card at a time, depending on your device. This will also update the iTunes App Store listing to allow TripCase to show up for iPads.
  • SNOWFLAKES – Travelers will now see a fun winter snowflake design on the trip countdown card for trips between December 1 and Feb 28.  This will only appear on trip destinations north of 30 degrees N latitude.  This will make it easy for you to Instagram your trip!
  • Smartwatch Support Enhancements – travelers with the Samsung Gear S and Android Wear-powered smartwatches will now have the option to call their airline directly from the rich notification. Please note, this will only support the airline’s U.S. number, or the first phone number an airline has listed, if they don’t have a U.S. number.
  • “TripTime” Today Extension (iOS 8 only) – iOS 8 users will now be able to install a Today extension called “TripTime” that displays all of the time zones in the most recently accessed trip for a glanceable view of the current time across all trip locations. Read more about TripTime here.
  • iOS Native Facebook Authentication (iOS only) – iOS users who have chosen to login to Facebook from their iOS settings menu will now be able to sign up or sign in from the mobile app, taking advantage of the native authentication on the device. You’ll no longer be required to enter your email and password into a Facebook screen through the browser. Note: this is not yet supported for Android devices
  • Eliminated some little bugs – smell ya later, pests!

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