We’re excited to let you know that our latest v4.5 release is now available on iTunes and Google Play Store! The full v4.5 release changelog is available below.

v4.5 Release Changelog

TripCase v4.5 Release Changelog

  • Android Wear support – The TripCase travel app for Android Wear is now available! Android Wear users can now view upcoming trip items, add something with Remember This Place, and even get an Uber, right from their wrist. Learn more about the TripCase travel app for Android Wear.
  • MORE Mobile Profile Updates – we introduced some profile settings in the mobile app in v4.3.1, and in v4.4.4, we added the ability for you to manage your associated email addresses. With this release, you can now change your password, and adjust your notification settings, right from the app!
  • Hotel Loyalty Number – if you booked your trip through a TripCase-affiliated partner or travel agent and your hotel loyalty number is on your PNR, we’ll add it to your hotel card in TripCase for easy reference.
  • Easier Online Flight Check-In – we’ve updated our database of online check-in URLs, so you’ll be able to easily click to check-in online for a broader range of airlines.
  • Clickable URLs and email addresses in Document Center notes – if you booked your trip through a TripCase-affiliated partner or travel agent, you’ll be able to add custom notes to your Document Center, and any URLs or email addresses will be detected and made clickable.
  • Bug Fixes and Maintenance – we squished a few more pesky little bugs, and updated some back-end systems to make TripCase run smoother and faster.

NOTE: in iTunes, the release number is shown as “v4.05.0” instead of “v4.5”. Don’t worry – it’s the same release. We’re working to resolve this for the next release.

You can download TripCase for FREE from iTunes or Google Play.