If you work at J Crew you get 30% off all your purchases at the store. That’s how they get post-undergrad fashionistas to sling cotton all day for near minimum wage. It’s called a job perk. At TripCase, one of the perks is we get to constantly talk about travel, and often live vicariously through our travelers’ adventures. Making those adventures as good as they can possibly be makes my job that much more rewarding.

Recently, we decided to focus on an area of the app called the Tripfeed.  With a single goal in mind, to “make TripCase delightful”, I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with the short messages supporting the different parts of your trip details in TripCase. What is the Tripfeed? We use the Tripfeed to provide you with tools, information, and content that does not have a home in other areas of our app.

In case you missed them…

Airport-specific suggestions

– Find parking info for your departure airport (when available)
– View shuttle info and rates from the airport to your hotel
– Get a list of duty free shopping tips

Destination-specific info

– Read about the bee colony on the roof of the W Hotel in Austin, Tx, producing honey for the hotel’s spa and restaurant
– Check out bars on Bourbon Street when staying in
New Orleans
– Experience local finds like Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco
– Find shopping areas near your hotel

We combine travel experiences among our crew with feedback we hear from travelers, to come up with content to test. Thanks Kevin, for the idea to include the ability to make your own packing list before you leave for a trip.

Our experiments have taken the Tripfeed closer to being your guide when journeying to places like Paris, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, and other areas our travelers tend to frequent. The Tripfeed is a dynamic piece of our product, with messages appearing and disappearing based on certain timing and targeting criteria, like city or hotel. And, because we’re “in the know” and connected to tons of travel resources, we want to pass them along to you.

That’s just the beginning. For TripCase to be the home for all your travel details, we need to know what is most important to you. If you’ve found these messages useful, or would appreciate them when the time is right, please let us know. And the next time you take a trip, remember to check your Tripfeed for all your “additional information”. If you send us an idea like Kevin did, you may even see it on your next adventure.