You trust us to provide you with the right information at the right time during your trip. That’s why TripCase is designed to understand your travel needs, providing helpful information the moment you need it.

For instance, when your flight lands, TripCase knows the next item on your itinerary, which is normally your hotel. That’s why we show your hotel information alongside a handy button to “get a ride” with Uber. When you click this button, we automatically fill in your pickup and drop-off locations, so the fare estimates for Uber’s various service levels are automatically populated, saving you the hassle of flipping through papers or scouring your email to find the hotel’s address.

Travelers value convenience while traveling

A recent TripCase study found that 76% of our travelers view convenience as the number one consideration when choosing a mode of ground transportation on their trip. Based on that, it’s no surprise that TripCase travelers have been using our custom integration with Uber’s API to get an Uber ride from within the TripCase app. In fact, for many of our travelers, being able to easily catch a ride is more important than the ability to pay with a credit card, or even the ultimate price of the ride.

TripCase + Uber

High click-through rates prove value of Uber integration

So far 7% of TripCase users take the first step by clicking the “Get a Ride” button. One out of four of those users go on to sign up for a new Uber account.  Of those, almost 60% of TripCase travelers who are new to Uber get a ride. The value of this capability is further emphasized when one considers that over half of the TripCase users who signed up for Uber while using TripCase, go on to take multiple rides.

“Putting this value-added service in front of a traveler when the need for transportation is at its highest is key. It’s partnerships like this, where both brands come to the table with services that enhance the traveler experience, that prove to be the most valuable to both companies, and ultimately, the end-users”

– John Samuel, TripCase Senior Vice President

Integrating with the Uber API was simple

Uber provides a well-documented API that’s easy to use and simplifies the integration process. A TripCase traveler who chooses to get a ride with Uber is taken through two new screens, so the amount of work that was required for this integration was not a huge undertaking, especially when you compare it to the many other projects a global app like TripCase takes on.

“It was great working with Uber. The responsiveness and the support that was provided by the Uber team was extraordinary”

– Emily Tate, TripCase Product Manager

These are invaluable qualities to technology teams when it comes to partnerships. Finding a partner who is ready and willing to respond makes a world of difference. It’s what allows teams to quickly discover issues that inevitably pop up, and it enables everyone to promptly find solutions.

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