Have the Top 5 Tools Changed?

Yes, they have! When we last asked you, we learned what features were the most popular for you on TripCase. Since then, new features have been added to make this app more convenient and easy to use. In our last survey, the top five tools used in TripCase were:

1. Seat maps
2. Destination weather forecast
3. Maps
4. Alternate flights
5. Phone your travel provider

Now, with recent updates, this list has been changed around!

The top features used now are:
1. Seat Maps
2. Maps
3. Alternate Flights
4. Share your Trip
5. Weather

Top 5


As you can see, some tools such as seat maps, weather, and alternate flights have remained popular. But, the new “Share your Trip” feature has crept into the top five, which replaced phone your travel provider. The “Share your Trip” feature has really gained in popularity. This feature allows you to share your trip details with family, friends, and even colleagues. This is such a great feature because it keeps the people that are most important to you informed about your trip information. Make sure to check this feature out if you haven’t done so already!