TripCase isn’t limited to business travel, you know. We’ve got your back on summer vacation, too.

That’s right, TripCase makes things easier for all kinds of travel this summer. Family road trips, cruises, train trips across Europe, San Francisco sightseeing tours, the possibilities are endless.

Organize and access everything in one place

TripCase organizes all of your trip details in one place – and not just flight, hotel and rental car information. Did you know you can also manually add activities, attractions, cabs, cruises, ferries, restaurants, bars, meetings and trains to your itinerary?

Based on the trip information you import or manually add to TripCase, TripCase will monitor your trip, supply you with travel alerts and updates, anticipate your needs and offer the right solutions when and where you need them.

Driving to the beach instead of flying?

Fortunately, with TripCase the answer to “are we almost there?” is always right at your fingertips. Map out your road trip via the Trip Directions tool and even email it to yourself for easier future access to see where you are en route.

There’s a tool for that

Also, once your trip is in TripCase, our travel tools will make life easier on the road. For example you’ll have access to things like:

  • An airline Seat Maps tool so you can view where you’ll be sitting on your flight.
  • A Weather tool so you can see what the temps and conditions are like for every stop in your itinerary.
  • A Converter tool for international travel so you can easily convert currency, weights, speed, time, measures and more.

Staying connected

For those family members not traveling with you, you can set them up to receive your full itinerary via email, including any changes to your trip details as well as travel notifications, so they can follow your travels every step of the way. Simply set them up as a Connection at under the settings tab.

Let TripCase take care of you this summer

Wherever the road takes you this summer, rest assured you’ll always be in good hands with TripCase.