For many travelers, printing itineraries and other travel information is a time-honored ritual. The printed documentation helps keep these travelers organized and family members informed. It’s common for travelers to carry a folder full of printed documents, giving them access to all the itinerary information, calendars details and contact numbers required for a trip. Travelers carefully protect these documents since they are their literal ‘ticket to ride’. In addition, family and friends who want to be informed on the trip details are also given printed information and contact numbers to reference.

By using TripCase to organize and store travel information and itineraries, and to share that information with family and friends, much of the travel paper use (and waste) can be a thing of the past, no matter where the travel is booked.

A TripCase user tells about traveling virtually paperless while attending a recent conference. First, the user booked his flight through the corporate travel system. The conference had a great rate on the hotel, but it needed to be booked through the conference. He didn’t need a rental car and taxis are expensive, so, to save the company money, he booked a shared ride van directly through their online site. Finally, he had made a restaurant reservation to talk with one of his technology partners over dinner. Even though he had booked all four parts of his trip through four different places, he was able to put his information for the entire trip, all four segments, into his TripCase account.

Without printing a single piece of paper, he had all the information he needed, dates and times, confirmation/reservation numbers, contact phone numbers, for his entire trip all consolidated in a single, easily-accessible location on the web and instantly available in the palm of his hand (through the iPhone app). He added his wife and parents as TripCase connections to view his travel information and they too had access to his itinerary and information, including real-time updates and changes, via the web, smarthphone app and mobile web browser, whichever worked best for them.

It may seem like a small thing, saving a few pieces of paper by keeping his travel information in TripCase instead of printing it, but the small actions by individuals add up when multiplied across the thousands of TripCase users traveling on any given day and across all the trips they take.

Although people refer to printing paper copies as “killing trees,” saving paper goes much deeper than just saving trees. Paper manufacturing is a highly resource-intensive industry (and the 4th largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions among US manufacturers). One ton of paper requires 20,500 gallons of water, 10,785 kilowatt-hours of electricity, and 17 trees. Reducing paper use reduces the demands on these valuable resources.

Limiting our impacts on the environment is one important component of responsible or sustainable travel, as is preserving natural resources and improving economic benefits to local communities and businesses worldwide. Although this concept of Green Travel encompasses all aspects of travel, from how you get there and where you stay to what you do while you are traveling, TripCase certainly fills a role in helping to preserve resources and reduce waste and pollution, and also in helping to fulfill Sabre’s corporate sustainable travel commitments:

  • With a focus on responsible travel, we will work to have a positive impact on our people and the communities we touch, and we will enable our customers and partners to have a positive impact on the world.
  • We will provide innovative products and services that help promote sustainable travel, work across the industry to develop standards and broad solutions, and reduce the impact of our own operations.

Your use of TripCase helps to make the world a better place, and TripCase makes it oh so easy to do so. Thanks for helping us at TripCase and at Sabre fulfill our commitment to sustainable travel.

If you don’t yet use TripCase, it’s free and is easy to get started. You can find out more about TripCase and register to use it at the TripCase web site: