This is a guest post from our friends at Moore & Giles. Moore & Giles has been traveling the world and creating top-tier leather products for over 80 years. They know travel, and they handcraft quality luggage and bags to help you travel smarter.

Every smart traveler needs a go-bag. A weekend bag packed & waiting for Friday afternoon—ready to escape the office at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s an adventure in the mountains, exploring a new city or relaxing on the beach—it’s important to make sure you’re fully prepared for any type of getaway

It’s easier than you think to have this bag at the ready, and we’ve got four tips to get you started.

Select The Right Bag

Weekend Trips Made Simple

No matter which bag you choose, make sure it’s easy to carry, spacious, and stylish. There are many options on the market for weekend bags. The go-to bag for our quick getaways is our Benedict Weekend Bag. Its classic design and luxurious leather make this a piece that will be with you for a lifetime. Just the right size for a weekend getaway, the Benedict’s ample interior and expandable sides ensure easy packing and access.

Select The Right Essentials

Weekend Trips Made Simple


Planning ahead may seem counter-intuitive to a spontaneous getaway, but it is important to pack only the essentials on a short trip. After all, the goal is to not check a bag, right? Thinking ahead is crucial. Use TripCase’s built-in weather forecast to keep an eye on the forecast at your destination. Know what activities you’re getting into; edit down your wardrobe, dress in layers, and pack multi-functional items – You’ll need less than you think.

Stay Organized

Weekend Trips Made Simple


Keeping the essentials close at hand is imperative. Using a small carry case can be helpful for storing cords, headphones, jewelry, earrings, cufflinks, cash & other various travel documents. Our Journeyman keeps everything orderly for you as you travel. You may also want to invest in a carry-all for these items.

Size Matters

Weekend Trips Made Simple

You’re only going for a weekend, so travel-sized toiletries are important—organize them in a dopp kit or makeup bag. The days of storing your toothpaste in a sock are over. A well-stocked dopp kit or makeup bag will make your life easier and be ready to go at all times. Check out our Dopp Kits and Makeup Bags, perfect for stowing away your toiletries in style.

A well-packed weekend bag can make your getaway so much more enjoyable, and help alleviate the stress that packing can cause.

Use TripCase to keep track of your travel plans, and Moore & Giles can keep your essentials at the ready, as well.