To kick off 2012 here at TripCase, we dipped our toes into something we’ve never ever tried before: the movie business!

So, while we may not have been nominated for an Oscar (this year), we think our new 30 second video is pretty cool. And if we had a fancy Hollywood movie trailer, it would sound something like this (imagine dramatic movie trailer music in the background right now):

This is the story of a busy man named Sam. (Well, I don’t know if that’s his name, but he looks like a Sam). Sam’s a world class traveler with lots of business associates and friends around the globe. He travels for both business and for pleasure to exotic places like Burbank, Barbados and Vegas. Like everyone who spends any time on the road, Sam has to manage multiple hotel, car rental and flight reservations, along with a multitude of other travel details. That’s in addition to the unexpected things like flight delays and cancellations.

Sam’s got a lot on his travel plate. It’s enough to drive a sane man or woman crazy, but not Sam. He’s neither frantic, hassled, nor out of sorts. He’s calm and in control of his scene.

Sam is one smooth, confident traveler. And you could be too. Like Sam, all you need is TripCase.

If you’re not already using TripCase to organize and monitor your trips, anticipate your travel needs and provide recommendations, answers and solutions when and where you need them, then please check out our new video on our website homepage to see what you’re missing. If you already use TripCase, you should take a peek too – you might see a lot of similarities between yourself and Sam, our beloved hero who saves the world and the family pet in one fell swoop.

Oops, that last part is in the sequel. Regardless, please take 30 seconds to watch our new video. It’s an easy way to get to know what TripCase is all about. And by watching, it takes you one step closer to easier travels.

Please be sure to share our video with your family and friends – we’d hate for them to miss out on a little piece of movie magic. Oh, and don’t forget the popcorn!