Even though I’ve lived on four continents and visited over 30 countries, I have only started to travel the world. The more places I go to, the more people I meet and the more pictures I see, the longer and longer my travel bucket list grows. So as I started my internship here at TripCase, a company filled with travel enthusiasts, I began to search for destinations to add to my ever growing list. And because I know you love travel just as much as I do, I thought I would share with you places that the TripCase team dreams of going to.

So coming from travel buffs like you, here are 10 places to add to your bucket list.

1. Tokyo, Japan: A place with a unique culture, enticing food and massive crowds, Tokyo is a place you must visit. Say sayonara to other places on your list and bring this one up to number 1.

Vance Weintraub, Sr. Product Manager



2. Prague, Czech Republic: If you love beer, Prague is the place for you. This quaint and easily walkable city will make you feel like you’re in fairytale, while drinking $1 beers.

Natasha Sanchez, Product Marketing Manager



3. Glacier National Park, Montana: Running is always better with some fresh air and a view. When you’re done with this 6 mile round trip run, you’ll want to do it again.

Chris Sexton, Business Development



4. Malta: Here you’ll see prehistoric temples, breathtaking cliffs and exciting diving opportunities that will make this small island feel grand.

Tracy Edes, TripCase Account Manager


5. The Baths, Virgin Gorda BVI: Pictures don’t do this place justice, but they will still make you want to visit. Crystal clear waters, massive rocks and sunshine…What else could you need?

Christine Hollon, Sr. Business Systems Analyst


6. Istanbul, Turkey: This city has rich history, endless shopping and offers a vibrant nightlife. Known as ‘where the east meets the west’, Istanbul offers it all.

Sarah Yu, Graphic Designer


7. Athens, Greece: Whether you’re a history buff and want to see the Parthenon or more of a beach goer and want to relax in Santorini, you better head over to Greece.

Hannah Gunzelman, Sales & Account Manager


8. Bora Bora: If you’re looking to do nothing but relax while on vacation, look no further than Bora Bora. Staying in a room over the water and lying on the white sand beaches will make you unwind in no time.

Kristine Peacock, Director of Corporate and Global Agency Sales

Lauren Wolters, Director of Sales and Account Management


9. Italian Coast: From the pizza and pasta to the colorful buildings and views, you’ll never want to leave. There is so many cities along the Italian Coast, you could spend months exploring.

Alan Johnson, Business Development


10. Norway, Finland: If cold weather is more your scene, head up to the cold and beautiful Finland. Make sure you’re able to see the northern lights and stay in an igloo to make your trip complete.

Ricky Cadden, Social & Digital Content Manager