When someone asks a pregnant woman when she is due the answer is simple. The due date, while not an exact prediction, is a rather straight forward formula that doesn’t vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. We don’t have the choice of extending the birth date until the nursery is completed, or until all the announcements have been sent, or until the baby is finished teething and can sleep through the night!

Unfortunately, is not as easy to define the gestational process for a new product . The decision to wait on a launch versus building just one more feature can be never-ending decision process. There is a fine line that separates having what you need to hook users and getting a product to market. If you don’t strike the right balance between the two halves, it could mean trouble for the product. I’ve found that if the product isn’t what users want, many will simply not come back because there are so many other options. On the other hand, I’ve also found that if you miss the boat on timing, you can have a difficult time attracting users who have already started to use a competitive product (even if it isn’t has cool as yours)!

I’m so excited about our new iPhone travel app and I think we have nailed the right mix of cool features and timing. I’ve had the opportunity to utilize our product as a traveler would and I absolutely LOVE it (that isn’t just the biased mother in me speaking)!!!!