If I had a piece of pecan pie for every time TripCase bailed me out of a jam, well, I would probably be the next spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

But I digress.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving pies and all things wonderful, allow me to gush a little in gratitude about all the reasons why I am thankful for TripCase. Drum roll please…

1. TripCase has my back. It monitors my trip, anticipates my needs, alerts me to potential problems and offers solutions whenever and wherever I need them.

2. All of my trip information is located in one place. I can import, access and update all of my trip information via TripCase on a computer, through an app download on my iPhone, Android or Blackberry device, or via mobile web browser.

3. I am able to live by the Boy Scout motto. Because TripCase arms me with critical flight alerts, weather delays, security updates, and more, I am always prepared.

4. All my questions are answered. Can I catch an earlier flight? Is it snowing in NYC today? How do I get to dinner by car? TripCase tools help me with things like currency conversions, driving directions, alternate flight schedules, expense reporting, traffic alerts, seat maps, weather and so much more!

5. I can easily enter my trip details. I can use the reservation code to import my flight itinerary, or forward my booking confirmation email to trips@tripcase.com and it will be uploaded into TripCase for me. And I can also manually add things like rental cars and hotels to my itinerary if there is not a way to import them.

6. TripCase is FREE. Other travel management apps charge a fee for all these services – but not so with TripCase.

7. I travel with confidence. With the guardian angel of trips by my side, I travel easier knowing TripCase is looking out for me every step of the way.

Has TripCase ever gotten you out of a jam? What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?