Let’s face it – today’s travel can be stressful. It breeds anxiety and worry, and turns us all into nervous nellies, double-checking and triple-checking flight times, terminals, check-in times, and gate changes. We do all sorts of things to try and combat that. We strap our passports around our neck, print out every document we might need in case we lose our phones, and we even memorize things like our frequent flier number. Yet the instant we start traveling, it’s immediately clear that our current tools could be better.

Wearables in Travel

At TripCase, we believe wearables in travel change the game.

Paired with a smartwatch, TripCase can allow you to easily double-check everything with a glance

Yup, my flight’s still on time

Quickly get the information you need to get you through your trip

My confirmation code? I’ve got that right here

Keep the most up-to-date information right on your wrist

15 minute delay – I’ve got time to grab coffee

We believe wearables in travel can be truly innovative. So we’ve committed to them.

In 2014 alone, TripCase managed over 30 million trips for travelers around the world. We are making it easy to get notifications, check your flight information, remember cool places, and follow time zones from your wrist.

We also launched notification support for most smartwatches on the market, including Pebble and Pebble Steel, and have dedicated apps for the Apple Watch, Android Wear smartwatches, and Samsung’s Tizen-powered Gear S and Gear S2 smartwatches. For most other wearables, their companion app on your phone is able to push TripCase’s FREE real-time trip notifications to the watch or band.

As the adoption of wearable technology grows, we want to ensure that the travel industry is ready to leverage this technology and serve travelers on the device they prefer. Wearable technology is going to continue to become a prominent means of customer notification and communication. We’re looking to take it even further – from a one-way means of communication to an interactive on-the-go service experience.

– John Samuel, Senior Vice President of TripCase

At TripCase, we want to use technology to enrich and enable your real life by making travel even easier. Download TripCase today and see the future.