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Mixing Business with Pleasure…

I’ve had the good fortune of traveling the world for business. I’m not one of those travelers who have only seen the airport, the backseat of a cab, and a white-washed hotel room.  In the hundreds of cities around the world I’ve visited, I get out and experience it…whether it’s a new city or my own backyard!  I’ve been to the theater in London, had the best Uruguayan wine in Montevideo, taken a Segway tour of San Diego, shopped my way through Hong Kong, added a love lock to the Hohenzollernbrucke bridge in Cologne, and had my own personal New York vs. Chicago pizza throw down (I won’t tell you who won!)

That’s why TripCase works best for me!  It allows me to mix business with pleasure, in one easy itinerary view, and now with my company using TripCase Corporate, I can let my corporate travel manager know where I am, even when I have to book segments outside of our program.

How you ask? It’s easy! My account associates me with my company, so now when I send a segment to or manually add a segment to my TripCase trip, I simply click the box next to “For Business” and I’ve given permission for TripCase to share that with my travel manager.  She’ll see the segments I want her to see in order to keep me connected and safe on an easy-to-read dashboard.  Even better, trips that are automatically imported into my account from my travel agency or my company’s online corporate booking tool are already marked as business.  Magic!

Now, don’t think for a minute I always explore alone!  When my coworkers travel with me, I share my itinerary with them so they know what I have planned and can come along for the fun.  They’ll receive a notification that I’ve shared my trip and have a timeline view of my itinerary in the “Following” tab of the app. I can also set up my colleagues, family, and friends as “Always Share” contacts-perfect when you want to keep your Administrative Assistant in the loop or just taunt your sister with all of your adventures!

TripCase is the place my trips live and I hope yours do too…now get out there and explore!


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Pay it Forward

It’s that time of year…  Spring has finally arrived, and the end of the school year is fast approaching.  With that, it’s time to start thinking about the Summer and if you’re like most of us here at TripCase, there’s inevitably an opportunity for some fun travel adventures.  Are you undecided as to where to go, yet open to suggestions? Did you know that TripCase could actually help you with that?  Simply create a trip shell, call it Dream trip to where should I go? and Share that trip with friends or colleagues who might have some great insights to share.  What a great conversation starter and way to kick start your summer travel planning.

And, since you’re reading our Blog, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.  You’ve already discovered TripCase and it’s probably delighted you a time or two… TripCase has a unique way of knowing what’s happening with your flights before the gate agents at the airport make any announcements. But have you ever thought about how you might share this little gem of a travel companion (aka your TripCase wingman) with your friends? There’s no question that if they travel and haven’t heard of TripCase yet, that they could probably use a little help. You don’t even have to be a road warrior to value a travel management app like TripCase. So here we ask, if any of your friends are planning to travel this summer – whether to discover an exciting corner of our great nation, or to explore a remote exotic destination – Would you please spread the word and tell them about TripCase?

If it’s been a few months since your last trip, you might not have seen the latest enhancements such as the new VerbalizeIt message in the Tripfeed? You’ll never be lost in translation if you’re using TripCase since it’s right there in the palm of your hand, 24/7 access to a LIVE translator… whenever you need it… it’s affordable too!  What about our integration of Bing airport maps? We know how stressful tight connections can be, so we’ve integrated terminal maps, including handy directories to make airport navigation a little easier, and a lot less stressful. And since we know you seldomly travel alone, by sharing your trips your friends and loved ones will know exactly what city and country you’re in.  Who knows! You might even get some unsolicited recommendations for some local fare and fun!  Sharing trips allows us to not only stay in touch, but also see what others are planning to do.  This is sure to open up the possibilities and lead us to having many new exciting in destination experiences and adventures. So remember with TripCase, you now have a place to manage and share all your trip details.

And so if you’re heading across the pond to Europe this year, let us share some travel advice to get your trip off to a great start.  Avoid napping on the day you fly in – yes, avoid it at all cost.… Fight it… stay up past dinnertime and you’ll be sure to make it a more memorable trip.


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TripCase in the news

We’re a humble crew, but every once in a while, it’s probably worth sharing we are proud of our work and the unique experience you get using TripCase. So, it’s only natural we also want to make sure you’re aware of some of our recent good press, and team successes. Besides, it’s not very often in our digital society that you get two printed mentions in one month.

In the press!
Debating whether you need a travel app at all? Look no further than the Time magazine cover story for March 3, 2014. Travel disruptions have reached some of the highest in a decade, and that means your trip could be in for a hiccup, or two. That also means being more prepared and having control of your trip info is more important than ever.
(Note: you’ll need a subscription to view the entire article).

As New York Times reporter Stephanie Rosenbloom puts it, if you’re “itinerary obsessed”, (AKA a planner, have a need for details, need to know what’s coming next), then TripCase has what you need.

Read the full review here.

Want to see what others are saying about us?
We’ve captured a few of our favorites on the Buzz page. Plus, there’s always the latest reviews in the stores…

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New Feature: Following Tab, Get the Ins and Outs


It’s now easier than ever to share your trip details with family, friends and colleagues all from within the TripCase app. The February TripCase release includes enhancements that allow followers to:
• View the details of a trip they are following, even if they are not the traveler
• Stay updated with a traveler’s latest trip changes
• Keep Past, Active, and now Following trips organized on different tabs within the Trips screen

Get TripCase! What are you waiting for?
If after these details, you’re still not convinced, read why we think it’s great.

It all starts with the traveler
Want your contacts to experience your trip in TripCase? Select “share itinerary”.

Travelers can designate followers by adding them through the Share tool in TripCase, same as always. From within the trip, on mobile or desktop, the traveler can select “Share” and enter an email address, or select an address from their contact list. Once a contact is marked for following a trip, that follower can see the trip inside TripCase, using his/her personal account. The trip appears under the NEW “Following” tab.

Note:  Don’t worry. You still have a choice of what you share – selecting “Arrival updates” only sends email related to flight notifications and changes. And “Always share” means you only have to set them up once, and then they will get all your trip info, always.

The follower experience
Contacts following a trip have it so easy. No emails and no bugging the traveler for status updates.

As a follower, you will:
1. Receive an email letting you know a traveler has chosen to share a trip with you.
2. See three tabs at the top of the Trips screen inside the TripCase app or mobile web – Active, Past, and Following. You’ll find these new shared trips are under the Following tab.

3. It’s easy to figure out whose trip you’re looking at — no matter how many people you’re following, each trip is clearly marked. Quickly view the traveler’s name, trip name, destination, and start date directly in the Following tab screen.
4. Select a followed trip to view the details in Timeline View. Your view of the trip will be an exact replica of the Timeline View shown in the traveler’s account – except the traveler’s name will be tagged at the top, of course!

Note: We’ve expanded the data displayed in the Timeline View and we think it makes a big difference. It’s received such positive feedback in testing, we’ve made it the default for travelers, too.

5. Stay on top of any changes to the traveler’s trip, with itinerary updates immediately reflected in the follower view. When changes are made to a trip, the follower is also notified via email.
6. Select any item within the trip to see the details, including confirmation numbers or notes entered by the traveler.

It’s as simple as it is helpful!

Additional info
Being a TripCase user you’re obviously a leader, but who knows… you may also have a knack for following. Below are a few details to keep in mind as you venture into the world of followers.

• A follower who is not a TripCase user will only receive emails for the trip. But once registered for TripCase, all trips that have been shared with that person prior to registration will automatically appear in the Following tab. It’s all tied to the email address, so be sure the email address you use to create your TripCase account matches the email address used to make you a follower.
• A follower cannot make any changes to the traveler’s trip. You may only view the details of a followed trip.
• You can remove a trip you are following by selecting “Unfollow Trip” from the side menu. Before removing the trip, be certain you will not want to access the trip details later or be notified of a change in the itinerary via email. There is no way for you to re-follow a trip once you have unfollowed it. (To get back to follower status for a trip, you will need to have the traveler re-enter your email in the Share tool.)

• The initial release of these new follower features will only be available via the mobile app or mobile website.
• Flight updates are only sent by email and this feature is activated when the traveler chooses a contact to receive “Arrival Updates.” This is different from “Sharing Itinerary.”

Gone are the days when you have to constantly update people on where you’ve been or where you’re going. With our latest enhancements you can focus on your own travel experience knowing that TripCase has you covered…once again.

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Introducing a New Way to Follow the People & Trips You Care About

As head of our sales and marketing efforts at TripCase, I’m also a frequent business traveler. I travel the world with a simple mission and single objective: To help people remember where they’ve been and share where they’re going with TripCase. I’ve been doing this for over two years and am convinced I have one of the best jobs in the world. I’m writing today to share the launch of a new feature we’ve been working on that we think you’ll love. (Link to more recent post on how it works).

To start, I’m proud to say at TripCase we have a crew of brilliant technology enthusiasts building one place for all your trips. It’s not simple, but we’re committed to monthly product enhancements, a beautiful design, and an intuitive experience. We work hard to constantly improve the product and listen to you, our travelers, as we prepare our product enhancements we deliver each month.

Like so many technology companies, we test things in our usability labs and then see if they work in the real world. Do you remember when you couldn’t find your Airline Reservation Number when you opened the TripCase app or when all of your Active and Past Trips were on one tab? Our product enhancements continue to make the experience more intuitive based on your feedback. Changes are iterative and evolutionary on purpose, to ensure they work…whether you’re at the office or running through an airport.

One of the areas we’ve heard still needs improving is in sharing your trip info with others. Imagine your friends sharing their perfect New York Get-Away, a tour of New Zealand, or first-time trip to Barcelona. Imagine your colleagues sharing the details of their business trip so you can find time for a meeting and know when they need to leave for the airport. Imagine your wife or husband being able to always know where you are and how to quickly find you? Imagine a travel arranger being able to keep tabs on dozens of travelers with a quick glance. And imagine it all without digging through email, texts, and Web sites.

While today you have the option to separately email trips and flight reminders, we’ve often heard how you’d like an easier way to share trips with the people you care about. We know you’ve also wanted a way to see other people’s trips without having to dig through your email, text messages, or Web sites to discover their trip items or details.

That’s why I’m posting on our blog… to announce something we’ve been thinking about and working on for over a year at TripCase. (Learn how it works). Today, you now have the ability to follow others and the trips they take all within TripCase. It’s great functionality that will serve travelers, travel arrangers, colleagues, friends, family and more. You’ll find it working live on the web from your phone, and in your updated app in the coming days.

Oh, and did I mention it’s still free? All the trips I care about in one place accessible from the Web or my app…whether I’m taking them or not. For me, it’s going to change the way I travel and use TripCase. I hope it does the same for you as well.

Thanks for using TripCase and please, tell us what you think.

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