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TripCase takes the stress out of travel

Ever have one of those travel days? You know the one. You drop your travel folder and sheets of paper go flying. You can't remember your gate assignment and almost miss your flight. Thankfully, your flight's been delayed. By three hours. Ugh.

Sound familiar? Don't worry. TripCase can help.

Easy - Add Items yourself Easier - Import

Pull it all together in an instant

We can do so much for you. Go ahead. Take advantage. You have the potential to seamlessly link your reservations into one master itinerary in TripCase thanks to our relationships with thousands of travel providers*. Reservations with these connected travel providers seamlessly stay up-to-date no matter how your plans change. But wait, there’s more… You still have other options for building a trip:

  1. Manual: Add the details on your own by creating a trip and filling the fields for flight, hotel, rental car, etc. We'll walk you through it step by step on the app or on the web.
  2.  EmailEmail: Send your confirmation emails to and we'll upload the details for you. Be sure to email us from the address you used during sign-up.
  3. Connected partners: It’s true, some friends do get benefits.
    Import a record locator, from your travel agency or a Trip ID from an online site, like Travelocity, and your reservations will be linked to your TripCase account and stay updated instantly.

Add almost anything: flight, hotel, dining reservations, transportation — whatever you like. As a matter of fact, the more you add, the more informed you'll be.

Flight alerts are always free

Flight Alerts Are Always Free

TripCase begins monitoring your flight 48 hours before departure. If there are any changes, we'll notify you pronto. And best of all, with TripCase, flight alerts are always free. TripCase is the only tool of its kind to provide flight alerts like gate changes, delays and cancellations free of charge.

Trip Views

Two ways to view your trip

Sometimes you need a big picture view of your entire itinerary. Other times you just want to see what's next and prepare for any bumps in the road. With TripCase, every trip comes with two different views so you can see things exactly how you want. You can toggle between:

  1. Itinerary View: Your master itinerary with flight, hotel, activities, etc., all organized by date and time.
  2. Action View: A live view of your trip with upcoming activities plus flight alerts, action items and important messages. Use TripFeed to navigate your trip when you're on the go.

Share your travel plans with co-workers, friends and family

Trip Views

Friends, family and colleagues may need some or all of your travel plans. Flight arrival updates, airport parking, gate assignments/re-assignments and baggage claim details can all be shared through TripCase. Just add the email address of a loved one or co-worker to your trip.

Stay organized and informed, everywhere

Stay organized and informed, everywhere (even in-flight)

No more scrambling for confirmations numbers or hotel addresses. With TripCase, all your trip details are organized in one place and available anytime, anyplace. On your computer. On your phone. At home. On the road. Even in flight. Simply put the app in airplane mode before take-off to review your notes, alerts and messages offline while you're in the air.

Stay organized and informed, everywhere Stay organized and informed, everywhere

Search for alternate flights

If the unthinkable happens and your flight's delayed or cancelled, TripCase can help you find a different flight. Locate alternate flights based on your original reservations with the tap of a button or two. Search for flights on all airlines or your original carrier.

Find driving directions in a flash

Based on your location and itinerary, TripCase can map directions between items in your trip. No more searching for addresses or using multiple apps to map where you're going. Map locations and look up driving directions within your trip with a single click.

Easy access to important contact numbers

TripCase provides easy access to addresses and telephone numbers for your flight, hotel, car rental and other items included in your itinerary. If you add confirmation numbers, we'll send you reminders as your hotel check-in and car pick-up approach. TripCase also provides pictures and amenities listings of your hotel.

Linked trip

*What makes the experience seamless?

We are technology partners with the leader in the travel business, which means if your travel provider isn’t already working with us, they will be soon. Why not give them a nudge by sending them an email