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It’s now easier than ever to share your trip details with family, friends and colleagues all from within the TripCase app. The February TripCase release includes enhancements that allow followers to:
• View the details of a trip they are following, even if they are not the traveler
• Stay updated with a traveler’s latest trip changes
• Keep Past, Active, and now Following trips organized on different tabs within the Trips screen

Get TripCase! What are you waiting for?
If after these details, you’re still not convinced, read why we think it’s great.

It all starts with the traveler
Want your contacts to experience your trip in TripCase? Select “share itinerary”.

Travelers can designate followers by adding them through the Share tool in TripCase, same as always. From within the trip, on mobile or desktop, the traveler can select “Share” and enter an email address, or select an address from their contact list. Once a contact is marked for following a trip, that follower can see the trip inside TripCase, using his/her personal account. The trip appears under the NEW “Following” tab.

Note:  Don’t worry. You still have a choice of what you share – selecting “Arrival updates” only sends email related to flight notifications and changes. And “Always share” means you only have to set them up once, and then they will get all your trip info, always.

The follower experience
Contacts following a trip have it so easy. No emails and no bugging the traveler for status updates.

As a follower, you will:
1. Receive an email letting you know a traveler has chosen to share a trip with you.
2. See three tabs at the top of the Trips screen inside the TripCase app or mobile web – Active, Past, and Following. You’ll find these new shared trips are under the Following tab.

3. It’s easy to figure out whose trip you’re looking at — no matter how many people you’re following, each trip is clearly marked. Quickly view the traveler’s name, trip name, destination, and start date directly in the Following tab screen.
4. Select a followed trip to view the details in Timeline View. Your view of the trip will be an exact replica of the Timeline View shown in the traveler’s account – except the traveler’s name will be tagged at the top, of course!

Note: We’ve expanded the data displayed in the Timeline View and we think it makes a big difference. It’s received such positive feedback in testing, we’ve made it the default for travelers, too.

5. Stay on top of any changes to the traveler’s trip, with itinerary updates immediately reflected in the follower view. When changes are made to a trip, the follower is also notified via email.
6. Select any item within the trip to see the details, including confirmation numbers or notes entered by the traveler.

It’s as simple as it is helpful!

Additional info
Being a TripCase user you’re obviously a leader, but who knows… you may also have a knack for following. Below are a few details to keep in mind as you venture into the world of followers.

• A follower who is not a TripCase user will only receive emails for the trip. But once registered for TripCase, all trips that have been shared with that person prior to registration will automatically appear in the Following tab. It’s all tied to the email address, so be sure the email address you use to create your TripCase account matches the email address used to make you a follower.
• A follower cannot make any changes to the traveler’s trip. You may only view the details of a followed trip.
• You can remove a trip you are following by selecting “Unfollow Trip” from the side menu. Before removing the trip, be certain you will not want to access the trip details later or be notified of a change in the itinerary via email. There is no way for you to re-follow a trip once you have unfollowed it. (To get back to follower status for a trip, you will need to have the traveler re-enter your email in the Share tool.)

• The initial release of these new follower features will only be available via the mobile app or mobile website.
• Flight updates are only sent by email and this feature is activated when the traveler chooses a contact to receive “Arrival Updates.” This is different from “Sharing Itinerary.”

Gone are the days when you have to constantly update people on where you’ve been or where you’re going. With our latest enhancements you can focus on your own travel experience knowing that TripCase has you covered…once again.

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