TripCase for Samsung Gear S2 Travel App

With the TripCase for Samsung Gear S2 travel app, you’ll be able to see your upcoming trip items on your wrist, including flight details and hotel information. Of course, we also want to make it easy for you to take action, so you can view a map and get directions to your destination, right on your wrist!

TripCase for Samsung Gear S2

The TripCase for Tizen travel app acts as a companion to your connected smartphone. Companion type applications consist of a full Android app running on your phone and a Gear S2 application for your watch. This means the trip data on your Gear S2 is always kept in sync with the data on your phone, so you can leave your phone in your pocket and rely on your watch to get through the airport or arrive at your hotel.

And don’t worry – you’ll also continue to receive the FREE real-time travel notifications that you already expect from TripCase, delivered straight to your Samsung Gear S or Gear S2 smartwatch.

The TripCase for Samsung Gear S2 travel app is available through the Gear App Store. Download TripCase from the Google Play Store today.