New to TripCase? Quickly review the basics to help you get started, learn how TripCase can make you a brilliant traveler on the road, or discover our latest enhancements in the app or website. It’s all right here!

Getting started

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Create an account

Go to on your computer, phone or tablet. We only ask for your name, email address and password. Then be sure to check your inbox for a verification email. Or skip all this and sign up using your Facebook login, you won’t need to verify your email or create another password.

Complete your profile

Quickly update your TripCase profile to add your other email addresses and manage your notification settings. Login from a desktop to access your Profile page.

Download the app

The TripCase mobile app is available for iPhones and all Android phones. Download the free app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. For all other devices, go to from your mobile browser and you will land in the right place.

Add your trip

From the mobile app or website, go to Create a New Trip. Follow the steps to quickly enter the trip details. You may also forward your confirmation emails to and we’ll do all the work for you. If you booked through a TripCase partner, lucky you, your trip details will already be in your TripCase account – no input needed!

Add additional items

After you’ve packed it all into one place for easy access from the road, you can quickly add by hand dinner reservations or client meetings through the mobile app or website. Forward confirmation emails for additional excursions, theatre tickets, etc., to and we will input all the details for you. It’s also easy to merge everything you’ve added into one trip.

Choose how much to share

Select who you want to keep in the loop with only an email address. When you share your entire itinerary or just arrival updates, that person will receive an email with your trip details. That special follower can even see your trip in their TripCase account when you select “Share Itinerary.” Be sure to choose “Always Share” to keep VIP contacts in the know for all trips.




Scan the Tripfeed for helpful info

Review your messages in the Tripfeed℠. You’ll get the right info at the right time to help you through your trip or discover something new. Messages in the Tripfeed provide relevant info about anything from airline check-ins to company travel policies.


View the trip your way

View the whole trip with flight, hotel, and other activities organized by date and time in Timeline View. Or access a live view of your trip with upcoming activities, flight updates and important messages in Action View. Use the navigation menu to jump between the two views.


Do more from one place

From seat maps and weather forecasts, to alternate flights and driving directions, TripCase provides valuable tools to assist you in a bind. All tools can be accessed from the navigation menu on the mobile browser or app.


5 Ways The Tripfeed Helps You Take Better Trips

One way we help you take better trips is by providing you with the right information at the right time throughout your trip. You know that TripCase sends notifications for flight cancellations, delays, and gate changes, but did you also know that TripCase provides you with in-app messages when you need them most?

Ever notice the […]

Introducing Destination Cards

We want TripCase to help you manage your ENTIRE trip, not just the beginning and end of it. For example, our Remember this Place feature is a brilliant way to keep track of the things you do during your trip. I actually used it yesterday to recommend a restaurant I ate at the last time I was in […]